All Of Your Gongfu Tea Set Questions Answered Here

All Of Your Gongfu Tea Set Questions Answered Here

A gongfu tea set is a traditional Chinese tea set that is used to brew and serve oolong, black, and pu-erh teas. The term “gongfu” means “skillful” or “done with great skill” and refers to the art of brewing and serving tea in a traditional Chinese manner.

A gongfu tea set typically includes a small teapot, a small pitcher for pouring the tea, a tea tray, and small cups. The teapot is typically made of clay or porcelain and is designed to brew the tea at a high temperature without burning it. The small cups are designed to hold only a small amount of tea, allowing the tea to cool quickly so that it can be drunk without burning the tongue. The tea tray is typically made of wood and is used to catch any drips from the teapot and cups.

The process of brewing tea using a gongfu tea set is known as “gongfu cha” and is considered to be an art form. The tea leaves are placed in the teapot and hot water is poured over them. The tea is then poured into the small cups and is drunk quickly before it cools. The process is repeated multiple times, with each brew of the tea being stronger than the last. This allows the tea to be enjoyed at different stages of strength, and to appreciate the various nuances of taste and aroma.

Gongfu tea sets are considered to be a traditional Chinese tea culture, and are widely used in China and Taiwan. They’re also becoming increasingly popular around the world, as people are becoming more interested in the traditional Chinese tea culture.

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