Why Is My Tea Bitter?

Why Is My Tea Bitter?

Why is My Tea Bitter? Common Causes and What You Can Do to Maximize Your Enjoyment

More likely though, it’s something you can correct with ease!

What’s Causing Your Tea to Turn Bitter?

To enhance your enjoyment of the best teas, make sure you avoid the common causes that turn it bitter.

Steeping Too Long

Each type of tea has proper steeping instructions. Be sure you read your tea package and follow those instructions precisely. Leaving tea to infuse for too long will almost always turn out a bitter and unpleasant flavor.

Using Water That Is Too Hot

Have you ever noticed that certain wines don’t taste right at different temperatures? Tea is the same way when it comes to the water temperature you use. Generally speaking, you should never prepare tea with water that is at a rolling boil. Water that is too hot burns the leaves causing them to create flavors that aren’t quite as pleasing. The best way to make tea is to ensure the water is not quite boiling.

You Used Too Many Leaves

When brewing tea in your pot, take care not to jam it full of leaves. About 1 heaping teaspoon of tea leaves per cup is the best way as it will give you a strong cup of tea without turning it bitter.

It’s Old

You may have special teas that you’ve been saving for the right occasion. But leaving tea too long just wastes it. If you still find your tea is tasting bitter after steeping for a shorter time and keeping the water cooler, then the leaves themselves may be old. If you’ve recently bought and opened the tea, it could be that you didn’t store it properly. It is critical to store tea leaves in an airtight container after opening and use it before the flavors fade.

Water Quality

Hard water will have a high pH which means it can make your tea come out with a bitter flavor. Instead, use filtered or spring water. This should help give you the best possible outcome when brewing tea.

How to Fix Your Tea

These causes and solutions can help you improve your tea brewing methods. However, don’t forget to properly clean your tea infuser, kettle, or teapot. Lingering flavors could impact the way your tea tastes.

If you find yourself with a cup of tea that tastes bitter, you can try adding a little more hot water to it to save the cup. After that, brew another cup using these solutions to make the best cup of tea every time.

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