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Cushla Tea

Taiwanese Milk Oolong

Taiwanese Milk Oolong

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Our premium Taiwanese Milk Oolong comes direct from Taiwan, with natural, rich milk flavor, refreshing tea taste and a smooth mouth full of golden brown color.

Bag Size: 3.5 oz
Cups Of  Tea: 40+ cups of tea (reuse leaves for multiple cups)
Region: Taiwan
Ingredients: Premium Milk Oolong Leaves

Taiwan high mountain oolong tea, hand-picked, exclusive baking and fermentation technology, presents you a cup of good tea from Taiwan’s high mountain forests and natural non-toxic farms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Tiffany Fennell

Taiwanese Milk Oolong Wonderful!!

Katrine Albuera
Very nice tea

I got a sample of this tea and i really like the taste of it. I’ll recommend it to my friends!

Alena Saklakova

Tea Sample

Toes and Paws
Wonderful flavor for this type of tea, high quality tea leaves

Taiwanese High Mountain Milk Oolong Tea Bags

This was my first time trying "Mountain Milk Oolong". It has a nutty, robust flavor and I felt it was well accompanied by a touch of honey. Admittedly, I like teas with more floral notes and mints, so this was not my favorite, but for this type of tea, it was outstanding.
The quality of the tea leaves was noticeably high. They were cut nicely, arranged well in the bag, and stayed in the bag during steeping (3-4 minutes). If you are looking for a Mountain Milk Oolong, this is an outstanding choice.

Betsy Bargain
Delicious Tea With A Milky Taste And Aroma

This tea comes in a resealable plastic pouch. You get twenty teabags. The teabags are the pyramid type, that have plenty of room for the tea to move around and brew properly. The tea contains no milk, yet it has a milky taste and aroma. The tea is a subtle, good quality tea, not too tannic, and not too heavily caffeinated. I usually put milk in my tea, so I really enjoyed this tea. I think it is a good value considering the quality.